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From Rnters to Flecto
Why is Rnters going through a transformation into Flecto?
Why is Rnters going through a transformation into Flecto?

And what happens with the transformation.

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Rnters started in 2016 with big ambitions: we wanted to make renting as easy as buying with our peer-to-peer rental marketplace for every product.

Our intention was always to be guided by data, which leads to creating personalized experiences based on the most wanted categories (such as the initiatives Lazy Campers and Pinheiro Bombeiro).

At the beginning of 2020, we’ve started to watch professional owners gaining more and more traction as they’d offer a standard experience with more (and better) supply and regular business hours, besides all the expertise about their products which makes the process easier.

Companies were using Rnters to manage their rental operations, not only as a sales channel but also for managing inventory. These businesses had a huge problem - they had no access to specialized software for rental operations.

We understood that there was a great opportunity: our platform was an outstanding starting point to solve the main problems of the equipment rental industry, from security to digitization. The transformation from a peer-to-peer rental marketplace to a platform where companies can manage rental operations and leverage sales through an online store was driven by that.

The opportunity to help the companies is super exciting as we have been approached not only by fully established rental companies but also by retailers that want to start renting their items and exploring the circular economy, seeing us as the perfect platform to do it.

We believe that rental companies and retailers need to keep updated for a new generation of consumers, that favors access over ownership, and our mission is to fill out that space.

Our experience showed us an exciting product and market opportunity - a solution for the complete management of a rental business. Leveraging on our early platform, we are also helping these businesses to get more leads through a dedicated channel, the Flecto Market.

With the new product we want to create more environmental, social, and economic impact, keeping our mission as usual: make rental as convenient as ownership.

What happens with the transformation of Rnters into Flecto?

Rnters becomes a new product, Flecto: a platform designed for rental businesses and retailers, that allows the management of all the components of a rental business, including managing inventory, customers, bookings, payments, and insurance. The complex operations, usually offline, become online and simple.

We also allow the platform users to list their inventory on the Flecto Market - increasing their online presence and revenue.

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