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As Professional Owner, what changes with Flecto?
As Professional Owner, what changes with Flecto?

What changes for those which have a professional store at Rnters.

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Why are we changing now?

Over the last year, Rnters has been transforming into a new product that’s almost ready to be launched. This product is a platform that will allow you to create and manage any rental business.

From inventory, customers, reservations, and payments, you'll be able to manage all the critical components of a rental operation. We also want to help rental professionals to have more and more rentals and that's why we will keep our marketplace transformed into a platform that brings fewer barriers and maximizes contact between clients and professionals.

I have an online store at Rnters. As Professional Owner, what changes with Flecto?

The Rnters experience as you know will no longer exist as you will not receive online bookings. In this new experience, you will have access to a new tool that allows the complete management of a rental operation: create customers profiles and inventory, manage bookings and payments. You can also access the Flecto Market where you can list your inventory and services. The interested clients can see your contacts and reach out directly, allowing a quicker connection between the rental business and potential customers.

Can I list my items to rent?

You can list your inventory and make your contacts available. This way, we maximize the number of contacts that you receive from potential customers. However, payments will no longer be received through the platform.

Can renters contact me directly?

Yes, we made your contacts available on all the pages of your items and also in your profile.

What happens to my items? And to my availabilities and bookings? And my reviews, will be kept?

All information regarding your items and bookings will be kept. Regarding reviews and inquiries, unfortunately, we’ll be removing these features completely.

Can I create different prices according to the rental duration?

Yes, you can define the interval of prices per number of rental days. An example, you can set the rental price of an item as 10€ per day, 15€ for 5 days, and 20€ for 15 days. This way you can easily set short, medium, and long-term pricing for your inventory.

Will the renters that reach out have their identity verified?

It will not be necessary to do an identity verification process but they will have to be registered on the platform. Besides that, you can (and should) always manually make that identity verification.

Can I contact renters directly?

When renters show interest in your articles, they will contact you through the contacts presented on the platform and all the interactions happen directly with you.

Can I choose how I receive the payment?

The payment will be collected outside the platform through the payment methods that you will make available to the renters.

We are working hard to allow you to receive online payments in the near future.

Can I charge a deposit on my rentals?

Yes, you can define a default deposit per item. Additionally, you can edit the deposit of each item per booking.

Are rentals still under the protection of SafeStuff Guarantee? In which conditions?

No, the SafeStuff Guarantee will no longer exist, as Rnters is no longer intermediating the rentals. Since we know how crucial it is for a rental business to manage the risk of the operation, we are working to bring insurance solutions to the platform soon. Get more info here.

Will the PIN system continue on? How can I confirm the delivery and return of the item?

No, the confirmation of the rental is the responsibility of the users.

What if the renter does not return on the date and time scheduled?

This process is also the responsibility of the users.

Can I try Flecto? How do I sign up?

If you still have interest in keeping your rental operations up and running - whether you’re a rental business owner or a freelancer - don’t worry! Rnters will soon turn into a software platform specifically designed to help businesses thrive in the circular economy and unlock their rental operations. You can fill out this form and our team will walk you through all the benefits of using our new platform for your business.

How much do I have to pay to use Flecto?

If you have interest in keeping your rental operations up and running, please fill out this form and our team will walk you through the different subscription plans.

What if I do not want to use the software, can I list my articles in the Flecto Market? How much do I pay in this case?

The Flecto Market is only available for platform users. It’s not possible to list items in any other way.

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