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Flecto is the platform that helps businesses thrive in the circular economy.

The new generation of consumers is more demanding than ever before as well as more attentive to how companies can practice social and environmental responsibility. Managing sustainable businesses is no longer an idea on the horizon: it is, in many cases, the factor that can determine the success of an organization with an increasingly diligent audience.

Flecto is the platform that unlocks rental operations and optimizes the experience for both people and businesses. A rental model enables a higher turnover of products, extending their life cycle and thus reducing the need for non-renewable resources as well as unnecessary CO2 emissions.

At Flecto, we help companies do good business better through sustainable access models.

Designed for Rental Businesses and retailers who manage rental operations, Flecto provides the platform that turns these complex offline operations, simple and online.

Flecto helps businesses enter and thrive in the circular economy, providing a smoother and safer renting experience for companies and customers.

We are providing operational efficiency with one tool to manage every component of a rental business - customers, inventory, bookings, and insurance. We are also working on providing our customers with an online channel that allows them to increase awareness and revenue.

We believe rental companies and retailers need to keep up with the access-first expectations from a new generation of consumers so we have made our mission to fill that gap.

We have 4 Key Differentiation Points:

  1. We create a better renting experience.

    Flecto makes the renting experience smoother, safer, and quicker for your company and your customers.

  2. We unlock sustainable models.

    Unlocking sustainable ownership models, Flecto helps companies do good business better.

  3. We’re the entrance for Circular Economy.

    Flecto opens the doors for businesses to enter the circular economy.

  4. We’re Gen-Z focused.

    We help businesses connect to a new generation of customers.

The everyday tool of the rental business comes down to just one: Flecto.

The experience is always customizable and each transaction is always flexible - it adapts to each business-specific need.

Companies can also access our professional insurance policy for protecting all their equipment.

Summing up, Flecto is the platform for creating and managing a rental business - in every aspect.

We offer 4 (and counting!) Great Features:

  • Booking Management: Flecto allows businesses to manage online and in-store bookings in a single place. Our clients can control their bookings, register payments, and answer requests for quotes by sending dynamic booking links to their clients.

  • Inventory Management: Flecto allows the management of inventory with flexibility. Each business owner can set their own rules for pricing, quantity, deposits, and much more.

  • Insurance: Businesses can ask for a professional insurance policy for all their inventory to play it safe. And pay it monthly per booking or cut down costs with an annual subscription.

  • Access Channels: Flecto provides multiple channels for rental businesses to multiply their online sales. They can not only choose to showcase their products at Flecto Market (our listing website) but also create their online white-label store with us (coming soon).

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