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Creating a booking

Register Customer, Date, Items, Services, Booking values, and Payments

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To register a booking, just select “New Booking” in the menu “Bookings”. Once you create a booking, its status is draft. To learn more about managing booking status, please check here.

Each booking information is divided into Customer, Date, Items, Services, Booking values, and payments.

Go to Customer > Select Customer and ticket the box of the customer you want to associate with this booking. You can search for registered customers in the search bar, and you can also add a New Customer, in the lower-left corner.

Select the requested dates for this booking. Please bear in mind that, if you want to charge one day for a 24-hour rental (e.g., pick-up on July 14th at 11 am, and return on July 15th up to 11 am), you should only select one day. If the selected period is July 14th to July 15th, the total charged will be a 2-days rental.

After selecting the dates, select the items to be included in this rental. For now, it is not possible to select more than one item each time nor to create the articles directly in this bookings panel.

After selecting the item, you might click the pencil and there you can edit the quantity, the price per day, the total rental price for this item, the deposit price per item, or the total deposit.

In this example, we are editing the Total Rental to €49. Then, the price per day adjusts automatically to €7.

Whenever a price is manually changed to a value different from the predefined table prices, it is marked with a red star, as you can see here.

Finally, you can add Services to a booking, ticking the checkbox and writing down the price of the service.

Since adding Insurance always raises important questions, please check the guide “Adding Insurance to a booking”.

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