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How to set up a custom domain for your Online Store?
How to set up a custom domain for your Online Store?

Boost your online customer reach by attaching a custom domain to your Flecto Online Store.

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Flecto gives you a free and unique store address like this:, that you can use as the web address for your online store.

As with most rental businesses online, you probably already have a domain name for your website which is familiar to your customers and easy to find.

Flecto allows you to connect your own custom domain to your Flecto Online Store, enabling you to have an alternative custom domain for your store, while keeping your brand familiarity.

1. Attach your domain

To connect your domain to your Online Store, go to your Flecto account, in the Settings section > My Business > Channels > Custom domain.

Enter the custom domain you want to use in the field provided (Ex: and Save (button in the top right corner).

2. Configure DNS settings

Completing this step is essential to complete the connection between your custom domain and Flecto online store.

It's a standard procedure, ensuring smooth communication between Flecto and your domain provider. This way, your clients can easily discover your stunning new online store.

There are two distinct methods to make this connection:

  • Setting up an A Record — which we recommend

  • Setting up a Nameserver

Next, we go over each method in more detail.

2.1. Set up an A Record (recommended)

The process of setting up an 'A record' involves linking your domain to the physical IP address of the computer hosting it. This final step is crucial to make your full domain go live on your Flecto Online Store.

2.1.1. Start by going to your domain provider's website and login to your account.

Most domain providers have documented their process for setting up an A record for your domain. Simply follow the links below to access their instructions.

2.1.2. Point to Flecto’s IP address.

As you set up an A record for your domain, your provider will request the IP address to direct your custom domain. For this purpose, you can input the precise IP address provided below:

2.2. Set up a Nameserver

As an alternative to the A record, you can set up the connection to Flecto by defining a 'Nameserver'.

2.2.1. Start by going to your domain providers website and login to your account.

2.2.2. Fill in the two fields with the information given in Nameserver 1 and Nameserver 2.

3. Double check your domain

Usually, DNS changes will propagate within a few hours, but it can take up to 48 hours for everything to propagate across the Internet. If the connection is not working after this period contact either contact our or your DNS provider’s custom support.

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