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Submitting a contact request through Flecto Market and Flecto Store
Submitting a contact request through Flecto Market and Flecto Store

Submitting a contact request from the Flecto Market or a Flecto Store is quick and hassle-free.

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1. Choose your booking dates and times

Select the desired start and end dates and times for your contact request.

2. Check inventory availability

While browsing, you might encounter two inventory statuses:

  • 'Upon request': this item may not be immediately available in stock.

  • 'X available': this indicates the quantity currently in stock.

3. Specify quantity

Choose the quantity of items you wish to rent. Make sure you've got everything you need for your event or project.

4. Add to basket and confirm

Click on 'Add to basket', then follow it up with 'My basket'. Review the information you've selected and proceed by clicking 'Complete Order'.

5. Provide contact information

Leave your contact details: your Name, Email and Phone number. This ensures that the owner can reach you with any updates or inquiries regarding your contact request.

6. Leave special instructions

Do you have specific service requests or need further clarification? Feel free to leave a note during the checkout process. This is also the space where you can indicate if the dates you have chosen are flexible.

7. Verify and submit

Click the 'Complete order' button. You will receive an email with a summary of this information.

This contact request does not confirm the rental; you should await the owner's contact.

Follow these simple steps and enjoy a smooth renting experience!

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