Creating my customers

From capturing essential information and tax profiles to verifying details and adding notes.

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To add customers, log-in your Flecto account and create a customer by navigating to ‘Customers’ and then ‘Add customer’.

The customer profile is divided into Basic Info, Tax Profile, Customer Verifications and Notes. Only the Name, Email and Phone number are mandatory to fill in.

When needed, you can use the Tax Profile area to register the information for invoicing, such as the Fiscal Name (that might be different from the person’s name you registered before), VAT number, and Address information.

When applicable, you can select your customer as ID Verified. This helps signal which customers you have already run an ID check or similar process for.

Finally, you can also leave here any relevant Notes about the customer. To finish, just click 'Save' in the upper right corner.

You can have customers created automatically via your online channels, either your Flecto Store or the Flecto Marketplace.

If a customer whose contact details are in your customer database makes a request for availability, the platform will recognise it as a returning customer.

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