Creating my inventory with Flecto AI

Adding inventory items powered by AI technology is a breeze. Just follow these simple steps to get started.

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To add inventory, log-in your Flecto account and create an item by navigating to 'Inventory' and then 'New item'.

The inventory section is divided into Description, Price and Inventory.

Description section

To provide comprehensive details about your inventory item, complete the following fields: Title, Description, Category and Sub-category, Address (learn how to create a location here) and Images.

Click on the Generate button to use our game-changing feature — Flecto AI, which creates any item in seconds, optimizes your inventory, and maximizes your productivity.

With Flecto AI you will find:

  • Autofilled Descriptions: Our AI-powered autofill generates captivating descriptions with all relevant specs in seconds.

  • Suggested Categorization: Eliminate errors and misclassifications in item categorization by letting us suggest the best category for your item.

  • Autofilled Stunning Images: Save time by letting our AI-powered autofill feature enhance your item with stunning images in seconds.

Price section

Define the VAT value associated to the current item (you can also define a default VAT for your items here). Set up a price table based on different durations (hours and days). If applicable, define a mandatory Deposit value.

Inventory section

Specify the quantity of items and set up inventory management.

Did you know you can create an Online Rental Store in minutes? Check our guide on how to create an Online Store with Flecto.

By enabling the 'Available in Flecto Market' and 'Available in Flecto Store' buttons, the item will be visible on the corresponding online channels.

When managing your inventory through Flecto, all details (including categories, price, photos and more) will automatically transition to your new store.

To finalize adding your item, just click on 'Save'. Your item is now ready to go!

Remember, our dedicated Flecto team is here to support you every step of the way. If you have multiple items to import, our support team can assist you in the process.

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