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How to manage new leads and turn them into bookings?

By managing your contact requests, you’ll speed up your response time to customers as check inventory availability and identify customers.

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When a customer creates a request for a specific item via your Flecto Store or Flecto Market, a lead is automatically generated on Flecto. You can manage new contacts requests in a new, dedicated panel, which displays inventory and customer information, allowing you to quickly turn a lead into a booking.

1. Requesting an item

Potential customers can browse your inventory and choose the items they wish to request for rental.

In order to submit a new contact request, customers need to fill basic contact information (Name, Email and Phone) and an additional note for additional context.

Would you like to know more about contact requests? Check our guide on how to submit a contact request through Flecto Market and Flecto Store.

Both you and your potential client will receive an email with information about the contact request.

2. Turning contact requests into bookings

On your Flecto account, you’ll be able to navigate to 'Contact requests' section and quickly validate new contact requests. Easily validate inventory availability and customer information, including if it’s a repeat one or not, and click on 'Create booking' to create a new booking out of this lead, where the rest of the rental flow as you know it would take place.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the inventory requested available at the time as you’ll be able to create and send a new offer for your customer.

3. Rejecting a contact request

If, for any reason, you feel that you do not have the necessary conditions to pursue a new lead, you can reject the contact at any time, simply hit the 'Reject request' button. This way, the lead won't proceed through the rental process, allowing your operational flow to stay intact.

Furthermore, within Flecto, you have the flexibility to choose whether your prospect customer receives an email notification informing them that their contact request has been rejected.

4. Expiring a contact request

If you're unable to reply to a lead before the scheduled start time of the contact request, the lead will change its status to 'Expired'.

To ensure a smooth experience, an automated email will be sent to the prospect customer, notifying them of the status change. This way, you can manage your leads effectively and maintain transparent communication with your potential clients.

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