Creating discounts

Apply discounts directly on bookings or implement a fixed discount for your customers.

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Flecto users can apply discounts either to a customer of their choosing or to a specific booking. In the first case, the customer will automatically receive a discount on every booking they are associated with.

Apply discounts to customers

This feature allows you to set pre-defined discounts for specific customers, ensuring the consistent application of discounts and fostering loyalty toward particular customers.

Do you want to know how to set pre-defined discounts for specific customers? Check our guide on creating my customers.

Apply discounts to bookings

There are no fixed rules for this so you can have total liberty and flexibility to implement a discount of your choosing, for any given reason and with absolute no amount restrictions.

You can apply the discount through a percentage or by selecting an exact monetary value.

This a great way to optimize your rental operation and set a more personalized approach for each booking or customer.

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